Friday, August 15, 2014


This group was so fun. And despite looking like they can eat unicorns for breakfast, they are super nice and great with the kids.

They were really good sports and held a special practice just for the kids.

Orc Army:

Kid Army:

This guy here was really fun.
 He reminded me of so many characters from epic fantasy novels.

He had this staff with a skull on the top. 
The mouth on the skull moved like it could talk!

He was super great with the kids and directed fun games such as "Monsters and Maidens."
In this game the kids ran into the forest, beat the monsters and rescued the maidens.



Most of these guys make all their own armor.
Some of this armor was extremely elaborate.
They are not only great fighters, but also artists as well.

This way cute family follows the rule: "A family that slays together stays together."
This man, called Forkbeard, fought with his baby in his arms.
What awesome parents.

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