Thursday, August 28, 2014

Every Married Couple Should Get Lost In The Woods Together.

Nate and I set out on a hike. We just started following a trail without knowing where it led or how long of a hike it was. We were hoping it led to a lake that was suppose to be near our camp.

 We came across this old truck full of bullet holes.

We didn't know how far we had to go and we wanted to be smart about our resources (water, food and daylight.) Once we used half our water we decided it would be wise to turn back.

On the way back we were so wrapped up in conversation that we ended up following a game trail and got lost.

Nate said he wanted to do some trail blazing so this was our chance.

It got pretty steep and there were lots of loose rocks, but we played it smart and helped each other out.
I don't have pictures of this part because I was focused on not falling. 

                                                      Mountain Lion scratching post?

We both have a pretty good sense of direction and followed the river and flow of the land.

I turn to Nate and told him, "We can totally live out here in the wild." I point to a clearing, "That's a perfect spot to build a home. We just have to go get our kids. Sure there are dangers for children in the woods, but there are dangers in the city too. Did you know there are over 80 sex predators within two miles of our home?"

So I talked Nate's ear off about my plans to move to the forest.

 Hubby starts crying about all the pictures I'm taking. 
But I still get this picture of him washing up in the river. 

 Magic acorns! I'm saving these for later.

YEAH! We found the trail!

As we neared camp that's when I noticed the lake we originally was looking for. It was only a two minute walk from camp. Seriously, how did we miss it? I mean its a lake.
The half day hike was worth it. Nate and I had a lot of fun. It was a great team building adventure.

We sat next to the lake and watched the fish jump and the dragonflies dance along the shoreline.
I held out my hand and this cute, little sapphire dragonfly landed on my palm.

 Every married couple should get lost in the woods together.

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