Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Side Effects Turn Kal'el into the Hulk!

Kal'el had been pretty sick with what ever is going around. It started out like then flu, then turned to runny nose and pink eye, then evolved into a heavy chest cold. He's missed a lot of school so today we got him some hard core medicine to fight this stuff. He's normally a super laid back kid who is so happy and pleasant to be around, but after taking this medicine this conversation happened:

Kal'el: *slamming his fist on the table*
"I don't want Spaghettio's for lunch I want pancakes!

Me: "Sorry buddy, we had pancakes yesterday, today its Spaghettio's."

Kal'el: *runs away from the table and starts karate chopping the couch*
"I hate Spaghettio's!"

Me: "Well you need to come back to the table and eat it."

Kal'el: "RAWR!"
*Starts pounding on the couch.*

Me: "Holy Smokes! You're turning green like the Hulk. Is that why you're trying to smash the couch?"

Kal'el: *Runs around the house*
"I'm fast like the Flash!"

Me: "Come eat your Spaghettio's."

Kal'el: *Starts slamming doors*
"I hate Spaghettio's!"

Me: "I think you might need a nap."

Kal'el: "I hate naps, I hate Spaghettio's, I hate EVERYTHING!!!!"

Me: "Yep, you need a nap. Trust me, buddy, when I start hating everything that's when I need a nap too."

 Kal'el: "But its not dark outside."

Me: "Do you want a nap on my bed or your bed?"

Kal'el: "I'm NOT tired!!!"

5 minutes later:

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