Sunday, January 26, 2014

Magic Gets a Bath and Kal'el Makes a Wish

Nate and I talked about where to release Magic after we got her spayed and the weather warmed up. Our two best options, since the cat colony was full, was my Dad's Magic Forest or the Wild Woods.
My dad told us that there have been an increase in predators in the Magic Forest. Strange stuff that he hasn't been able to identify yet, which is saying something since he is an outdoor survival expert and grew up in rural Oregon. Down in the hollow there are some pretty creepy things. I won't even go there by myself. Its like walking into the Forbidden Forest on Harry Potter. I swear Voldemort is down there eating unicorns.

After hearing this, we decided that the better home would be the Wild Woods. Its beautiful and there are not a lot of predators. There's good hunting, a fresh water source and its away from traffic.

Since Miss Magic was stuck behind our kitchen cupboards for a week she really needed a bath.
The problem is she is so feral that we had to be creative with this bath time or we would end up in the hospital.

Nate and I chased her around the house until we were able to get her back in the cage.

Once we filled the tub with warm water, we put her and the whole cage in and bathed her through the protective barrier. She NEVER meowed once. She didn't even whimper. She just laid down in the water and let us wash her.

Since we figured out that she is a magic cat, we let Kal'el ask the cat to grant one wish. Kal'el talked with Magic while she was in the tub. He told her about his legos and talked with her about school. Then he wanted me to leave the room while he made his wish. Of course I waited by the door so I could hear what he asked for.

Kal'el wished that Magic could be our cat and live with us forever.


What does this mean? Will we have to keep her? Will she loose her magic powers?

I guess it all depends on if we can calm her down and tame her.

Since Kal'el made his wish, Magic has let Nate and I pet her, but she is still unpredictable and having a hard time communicating with us. We will see what happens before the weather warms up.

Magic hiding: Can you see her eye?

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