Sunday, January 26, 2014

Magic Gets a Bath and Kal'el Makes a Wish

Nate and I talked about where to release Magic after we got her spayed and the weather warmed up. Our two best options, since the cat colony was full, was my Dad's Magic Forest or the Wild Woods.
My dad told us that there have been an increase in predators in the Magic Forest. Strange stuff that he hasn't been able to identify yet, which is saying something since he is an outdoor survival expert and grew up in rural Oregon. Down in the hollow there are some pretty creepy things. I won't even go there by myself. Its like walking into the Forbidden Forest on Harry Potter. I swear Voldemort is down there eating unicorns.

After hearing this, we decided that the better home would be the Wild Woods. Its beautiful and there are not a lot of predators. There's good hunting, a fresh water source and its away from traffic.

Since Miss Magic was stuck behind our kitchen cupboards for a week she really needed a bath.
The problem is she is so feral that we had to be creative with this bath time or we would end up in the hospital.

Nate and I chased her around the house until we were able to get her back in the cage.

Once we filled the tub with warm water, we put her and the whole cage in and bathed her through the protective barrier. She NEVER meowed once. She didn't even whimper. She just laid down in the water and let us wash her.

Since we figured out that she is a magic cat, we let Kal'el ask the cat to grant one wish. Kal'el talked with Magic while she was in the tub. He told her about his legos and talked with her about school. Then he wanted me to leave the room while he made his wish. Of course I waited by the door so I could hear what he asked for.

Kal'el wished that Magic could be our cat and live with us forever.


What does this mean? Will we have to keep her? Will she loose her magic powers?

I guess it all depends on if we can calm her down and tame her.

Since Kal'el made his wish, Magic has let Nate and I pet her, but she is still unpredictable and having a hard time communicating with us. We will see what happens before the weather warms up.

Magic hiding: Can you see her eye?

Friday, January 24, 2014

Magic Cat Escapes Death and Baby Name Revealed!!!!!

Magic Kitty had been missing for over a week. During the week I started to smell something horrible in the kitchen. I thought it was from a box I unpacked the other day. The box had been in storage for a while where cats got to it. I was totally grossed out so I bleached my whole kitchen: cupboards, counters, floors, frig, everything-- but the smell remained.

I used one of the only superpowers I get while being pregnant (my sense of smell) and found a tiny hole in the corner of the kitchen under the cupboard. It was like the baseboards were never finished. This is where things get ugly. My husband and I both looked into the hole. We used mirrors and cameras to check out the small opening, but couldn't see anything. After measuring the cupboard's interior and exterior we realized there was about a 4 inch gap she could have gotten into.

I drilled a small hole in the back of the cupboard and ran a plumbing snake through it and realized she was back there. Nate and I prepared ourselves to remove a body.

 My dad was going to make a 2 hour drive to come down with his saw and help us cut out the body. It was such a long drive, I told him to let us see what we could do on our own. Besides, it would have been super awkward trying to explain to my animal-rights-activist-stepmom why my dad was making such a long trip so late in the night.

We grabbed a drill and made several holes. I told Nate to be careful, because if we hit the body and skewered the dead cat it would cause a pretty gruesome mess. The holes were enough to weaken in the wood and have my ninja husband smash it in. (All that practice breaking boards came in handy.)

After we smashed the wood in, Nate heard something and yelled, "She's alive!" We got her out, gave her some water and food then bleached our kitchen over and over and over. As much as Nate and I love cats, we were excited to have this one out of our house.

So now that we found the magic cat ALIVE, this meant we had a name for our daughter- Avalon.
We also gave the magic cat a name, "Magic." She deserved it after all this.

My husband and I talked about where to take her after we get her surgery done with the TNR program. She is too wild to stay in the house and we can't return her where we found her.
Two options we came up with are taking her to my dad's Magic Forest or to the Wild Woods near our home.

Coming up in the next post:

Nate gives "Magic" a bath (seriously! He bathed a pure feral cat. It was interesting and creative)
AND Kal'el makes his wish.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Magic Cat Walking Through Walls

So we now have our wild cat. We brought her inside and put her in our furnace room so she wouldn't freeze in the cage outside. We hooked her up with a litter box (which she uses!) food, water and a nice place to sleep until we could get her approved for a TNR program if the taming didn’t work out.

TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return) is a very humane form of animal control. If we took our wild cat to the shelter they would put her down that day. That’s just what they do with feral cats.

With a TNR Program you trap the cat, take it to a participating animal service center, they neuter or spay it for free, and then you release it back where you found it. To find out more about TNR Programs, visit: or

The next day, I went to check on our new cat friend and she was gone! There are not many places she can go in the furnace room. We searched the house thinking she might have gotten out. I noticed a small opening near the ceiling in our furnace room. I climbed on the washing machine with a flashlight and looked down. There she was. She had fallen in-between the dry walls and was stuck on a pipe.

After taking a few measurements we got her approximate location and cut a small hole in the bathroom wall which was on the other side of the furnace room. We had to be super careful so we didn’t hit the pipe the kitty had landed on or hit kitty herself.

Nate reached in the hole and she bit his finger so hard that she bit a hole through his fingernail. Eventually she came out and wrecked havoc in our bathroom.

I patched the hole in the furnace room and we put her back in there. She spent all her time behind the water heater - just hating us. Nate kept trying to push milk and treats toward her and called her "Princess," but she shredded his hands up.

During this time I starting having a girl's name come to my mind over and over. I thought IF we were planning on keeping the cat, maybe we would give the cat this name, but Nate and I talked about this “wild cat” and that’s what she is, wild. She may look like a cute little house cat, but she is as wild as the raccoons and bears up in the mountains.We didn’t think she was safe to keep around since we have a 4-year-old who just wants to snuggle her and a baby on the way.

A few days later Magic Cat went missing again. She was gone for a whole week and Nate were sure that she had somehow gotten out of the house. We would have heard meowing or scratching if she was stuck some where again.

That same week we had our baby gender check and found out we were having a girl. Nate immediately started researching Celtic girl names. Every name he told me I wasn't fond of.
Then I asked, "What about Avalon?" It was the name that kept coming to my mind after we caught the cat. Nate totally loved it. I did too, but I was a little depressed about loosing kitty. I worried that something might have happened to her while she was in my care. I didn't want that name to remind me of how I lost a kitty.

I made my husband a deal that if we found the Magic Cat and IF she was alright, that we would name our daughter Avalon.

It was a long shot. I didn't think we would ever find the Magic Cat again. 
A few days later we did find her, and it was terrible. We thought we were removing her stiff, dead body, but then something amazing happened.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Catching the Magic Cat

One night, while my husband and I were doing a security check around our place, I noticed a little cat slip into one of the outbuildings.

We went after her so she wouldn’t get trapped inside. We searched the whole building. There weren’t very many places she could hide, but we couldn’t find her. My husband asked if I was sure I saw something. I told him we couldn’t close the door because I didn’t want to trap her inside. I knew it wasn’t my imagination so I kept an eye out for her over the next few weeks.

I finally found some evidence--tracks in the snow. When my husband got home from work I took him out to show him the tracks. It hadn’t been snowing and it hadn’t been sunny, but the tracks weren’t discernable. My husband was still skeptical.

I got a trap from animal control. I baited it and set it. I went several days without any success. It was a little disappointing, but I wasn’t giving up. Then one night, the trap went off, the bait was taken, but there was nothing inside the cage. It was about Christmas time and I had these great fantasies about getting a cat for Christmas. On Christmas morning I checked the trap and still – nothing.

I decided I must be doing something wrong so I let my husband set and bait the trap. The next morning BINGO! We caught her. It was the same one I saw a few weeks earlier. It was very obvious that she was wild. She showed a few good signs of possibly being tamable. She gave us the sleepy eyes and is she is still young (under a year.)

We thought we could tame her, but at this point we didn't realize she was a magical cat - not until the chaos started.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Side Effects Turn Kal'el into the Hulk!

Kal'el had been pretty sick with what ever is going around. It started out like then flu, then turned to runny nose and pink eye, then evolved into a heavy chest cold. He's missed a lot of school so today we got him some hard core medicine to fight this stuff. He's normally a super laid back kid who is so happy and pleasant to be around, but after taking this medicine this conversation happened:

Kal'el: *slamming his fist on the table*
"I don't want Spaghettio's for lunch I want pancakes!

Me: "Sorry buddy, we had pancakes yesterday, today its Spaghettio's."

Kal'el: *runs away from the table and starts karate chopping the couch*
"I hate Spaghettio's!"

Me: "Well you need to come back to the table and eat it."

Kal'el: "RAWR!"
*Starts pounding on the couch.*

Me: "Holy Smokes! You're turning green like the Hulk. Is that why you're trying to smash the couch?"

Kal'el: *Runs around the house*
"I'm fast like the Flash!"

Me: "Come eat your Spaghettio's."

Kal'el: *Starts slamming doors*
"I hate Spaghettio's!"

Me: "I think you might need a nap."

Kal'el: "I hate naps, I hate Spaghettio's, I hate EVERYTHING!!!!"

Me: "Yep, you need a nap. Trust me, buddy, when I start hating everything that's when I need a nap too."

 Kal'el: "But its not dark outside."

Me: "Do you want a nap on my bed or your bed?"

Kal'el: "I'm NOT tired!!!"

5 minutes later: