Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kids Doing Chores

When ever Kal'el completes a homework assignment, or a chore around the house, he earns a "heart" which is what we use for our token system. 

He also earns hearts for exercising with mommy, eating a healthy meal, and getting good reports from school. He looses his hearts if he is naughty.

The teachers at school are in on it with me and are great at reporting how his day was and if he ate all his school lunch.

Kal'el keeps his hearts in a small wooden treasure chest by his bed.

Once Kal'el earns 5 hearts he can use them to purchase video game time.

Attitude toward video games:
The video games belong to MOM.
I bought it. I have the password and I let him play my game.

folding towels

putting away silverware

folding blankets

putting away his own clothes

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