Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kal'el's Quest

Kal'el and Daddy starting out on a quest. 
At this point Kal'el thinks he is just going on another hike with Daddy and has no idea he is going to be tested for his Celtic Dragon pin.

This is one of the "coming of age" quests that young men in our family go on.

Enjoying a lovey hike in the woods, then suddenly along the trail appears the dark knight.

Kal'el must fight the dark knight to continue on his quest. 
Victory! The Black Knight retreats.

Kal'el and his Daddy continue along the trail. They had a lot of these bridges to cross.

Kal'el didn't see this bandit until he jumped out of the tree.

The bandit taunted and challenged Kal'el

Another Victory!

Up ahead they heard a girl scream. A group of bandits captured a "damsel in distress."

Kal'el and his Daddy prepare for battle!

Kal'el fights the bandits

and rescues the damsel in distress.

They continue on the trail.

At the end of the quest, a crowd is waiting for Kal'el.

The bandits are there too. They bow and surrender to Kal'el.

Daddy had to hold Kal'el back, because he still wants to fight them

Daddy presents Kal'el with his Celtic Dragon pin!

Kal'el checking out his new pin.

A special thanks goes to Keani Gifford
 for organizing the actors, costumes, and scenario.

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