Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mormon 5K - Temple to Temple Run -*Hilarious and Fun*

First one across the finish line makes it to the 

Celestial Kingdom! 

The first annual Temple to Temple Run was held today! 
Runners ran from the Old Provo Temple to the New Provo Temple site.

The race route:

Nate wanted to RUN full speed. So he left with the first wave of runners and we met up with him at the dojo after the race.

I felt pretty good that I kept pace with my sister, Amy, who is an avid marathon runner.

 Amy, Kal'el, and Nate

The starting line

Nate and I representing USSD

Look out! Sunbeam coming through.

 Seriously ..... Only in Utah. Three kids in one stroller and three women running as pioneers. 

Many runners honored their ancestors and pioneer heritage by wearing their names and dressing like them.

These ladies showed everyone up by embroidering there's.

I wore my Great------Grandmother's name, Lady Godiva. Though I probably would have been arrested  if I had ran naked through the streets. Those of you that know who Lady Godiva is will understand.

Missionaries showing us the way.

 Kal'el, our mini task master, shouted as we passed runners, "Hurry! Faster! Faster! RUN, EVERYONE, RUN!"

 Land mark mile markers.

 Press Forward, Saints!

This is my handcart.

The lady with the wheels is my Relief Society President.


 Across the street is the new temple.

Pushing a jogging stroller, Racing around all the slow people, stopping to take pictures at land marks, and we still made it across the finish line in 36.23

My hubby had a time of 20:16, but of course he took breaks and walked part of the way......



 After the temple is finished you won't be able to see this view of the flag in the main window.

My hubby (convert) is my favorite pioneer. 

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  1. How fun!! Congrats on your race. Pretty cool one for Pioneer Day.