Sunday, July 14, 2013

4th of July Trip to the Zoo

On the 4th of July Nate surprised us with a trip to the zoo. Several days a year, including the 4th of July, military officers and veterans get into the zoo for free. (Thank you Hogal Zoo!)

This is a giant spinning marble. Nate and Kal'el worked together and got it spinning the other way.

Nate and Kal'el

Sand Cat! OH, I want to kiss his face!!! *tear* Its so adorable. 

 They have life-size Lego animals at the zoo now.

These snow leopards ( I LOVE how long their tails are) were so cute playing with each other like big kittens. 


More Lego aminals 

 Nate is helping Kal'el drink from the classic lion drinking fountain. I remember drinking out of that fountain when I was a kid.

Can't remember what this guy is, but he was pretty cute.

Sea Lion! (I'm missing the ocean just being near the cage.)

 Life-size Lego polar bear.

The real polar bear put on a show for the kids. She was so fun to watch.

(Kal'el is in the orange)

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