Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Dad is AWESOME!

My dad is an extremely dedicated father and grandfather.

My dad came from Kaysville to take me to and from the hospital when I had my tonsils removed. My dad looks so young that the doctors, nurses, and receptionist thought he was my husband.

I was the last surgery of the day. I went in at 11:30 A.M., but didn’t get wheeled in until about the time I was supposed to be done, recovered, and leaving the hospital.
The doctor came in to talk to me before the surgery and ask a few questions such as who would be picking me up after.

I told the doctor my dad’s name and said he was in the waiting room.
The doctor asked if he was medium built, dark hair, etc.
I said, “Yeah, that’s him.”
The doctor laughed and shook his head. He said my dad was really nervous and whenever anyone opened the waiting room door my dad jumped to his feet. Totally sounds like my dad.

I asked the doctor to go tell him I hadn’t even gone in yet.
I also asked them not to let my dad back in recovery until I was fully awake and speaking so he didn’t have to see me all messed up. I guess they forgot about the last request because I woke up and my dad was there.
My dad told me I kept asking for my husband and thanking the nurses and doctors for doing a great job. I don't remember any of this.

Apparently I was pretty silly and making everyone laugh. The nurse told him this is how I would act if I ever got drunk.
Maybe….I even threw up in my dad’s car on the way home - luckily in a barf bag.
I gave my dad my debit card to pay for everything including the after surgery medication. My dad used his own card.

He stayed the night at my place even though my sweet husband was able to come home from military duties that night.

My dad set up a cot in my front room to sleep on. Kal’el thought it was so cool he wanted it so they slid the cot next to the couch and my dad slept on the couch and Kal’el on the cot. Kal’el woke up in the middle of the night, reached over and said, “Grandpa?”
My dad assured him he was there and Kal’el smiled and went back to bed.

I had a friend who was going to get Kal’el ready for school, lunch packed, and drive him to and from classes the day after, but my dad insisted on doing it.

He had so much fun packing Kal’el a lunch, helping him pick out a show and tell, and taking him to school.

My dad is such a great example to me and such a blessing in my life.

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