Tuesday, March 26, 2013

KIDS learning the value of HARD WORK

Many years ago I was watching a reality show about a family who had a ton of kids. The premise was the hardships of having such a large family on a shoestring budget. When the show took off and more money started pouring in, the family had to do bigger, grander, and more sensational things every episode ie: buying kids each their own custom made clubhouse, exotic trips to Hawaii, a huge house in the country, bigger toys, designer clothes, expensive parties, etc. 

The children became more and more unhappy. In fact, it seemed like every episode the majority of the time the kids whined and complained. The show wasn't as fun after that and I stopped watching, but I did learn a valuable lesson.

When you give children everything they want they are unhappy, they don't respect you, and they are definitely not prepared for adulthood responsibilities and relationships.

Kal'el has been asking for a lot of things lately: candy, toys, trips, pets, etc.

Somethings I take note of and add it to his birthday or Christmas list.
Most things he only wants when he's looking at it that moment or if some other kid is playing with it.
One thing has been consistent and that is, "I want to go to Chuck-e-Cheese."

My husband and I started a savings jar for Kal'el so he can earn money to go to Chuck-e-Cheese.

Here is Kal'el cleaning Daddy's shop to help earn his trip to Chuck-e-Cheese.

Kal'el at Chuck-e-Cheese:

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