Monday, October 29, 2012

Hearing Test

Kal'el failed his school hearing test (probably because he was goofing around.) The school sent me to a specialist to have him tested again. He passed with flying coloring.
After the test we went to the mall on a mom and me date then on a run down town. Kal'el is a great coach. Every time I start to slow down he yells from his jogging stroller "RUN, RUN, RUN. FASTER, MOMMY, FASTER!"

Cat Addicts Anonymouse

My cats had their picture on Cat Addicts Anonymouse

If you are an animal lover you will want to check them out on Facebook.

Its been up for only an hour and has almost 4,000 likes.

( proud cat mama) 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012



I've wanted some decent dinning-room hairs for about a year. I had no idea how expensive they are. Even cheep ones are $30-$60 each.

I've been stalking yard sales all summer for something I can refurbish. I LOVE refurbishing furniture and making it my own, I just didn't want to spend more that $10 a chair.

On of my girlfriends ended up finding a super great deal on chairs at a yard sale. They where perfect for her style house and gave me her old ones!!!! THANK YO SO MUCH, LAURA!


I only had to make one small minor repair and paint!

They are perfect for my Fantasy-Style-Steampunk Dinning-room!



Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Harvest

This years harvest! At our Harvest Celebration we made a delicious meal from the things we had grown.

Baked squash with butter and brown sugar,
Fried spiced squash,
Grape juice,
Tin foil meals with carrots,
And fresh cucumber, beans, and watermelon.

Life is Good!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blackberry Love Pie

Made this for my sister, Amy.
My real pie pan was full of apple pie I had made the day before, so I got creative and used a glass bowl  .
It turned out great!

Leaf Pocket

Leaf pocket to be sewn onto Kal'el's Halloween Costume.
More to come soon!

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Sick Kit

So Kal'el has the flu... bad. We are talking about up ever 3-4 hours at night changing diapers, bedding and showering.
Nate stopped by on his way to work and brought Kal'el a "sick kit" complete with pumpkin marshmallows, a huge box of diapers, fun drinks to keep Kal'el hydrated, and desitin. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Homemade Breakfast Sandwiches

Such a good morning!

The sandwich on the right it is a cheese omelet with turkey bacon and the one of the left is turkey bacon, tomato and Parmesan cheese, with olive oil and salt and pepper.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Book of Morning Warning about Political Leaders

Mosiah 29: 21-23

21 And behold, now I say unto you, ye cannot dethrone an iniquitous king save it be through much contention, and the shedding of much blood.
 22 For behold, he has his friends in iniquity, and he keepeth his guards about him; and he teareth up the laws of those who have reigned in righteousness before him; and he trampleth under his feet the commandments of God;
 23 And he enacteth laws, and sendeth them forth among his people, yea, laws after the manner of his own wickedness;....

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Grilled Pineapple

Grilled Pineapple

I cut the pineapple placed it on a buttered grill and cooked.

So easy and delicious. You can also add brown sugar.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Obama, Slaves, and the Book of Mormon

Obama, Slaves, and the Book of Mormon

I found some interesting correlations between the current US tax system and a passage I read in the Book of Mormon.

What percentage of your income do you pay in taxes?
Add Medicare tax, Social Security tax, property tax, gas tax, and sales tax.
About 40%-50%?

Mosiah 7
 22 And all this he did, for the sole purpose of bringing this people into subjection or into bondage. And behold, we at this time do pay tribute to the king of the Lamanites, to the amount of one half of our corn, and our barley, and even all our grain of every kind, and one half of the increase of our flocks and our herds; and even one half of all we have or possess the king of the Lamanites doth exact of us, or our lives.
 23 And now, is not this grievous to be borne? And is not this, our affliction, great? Now behold, how great reason we have to mourn.
 24 Yea, I say unto you, great are the reasons which we have to mourn; for behold how many of our brethren have been slain, and their blood has been spilt in vain, and all because of iniquity.

So, are you in bondage to some king? Or at least someone who thinks he is king?

Interesting List of Taxes that exist today. I found this list at:

Accounts Receivable Tax
Building Permit Tax
Capital Gains Tax
CDL license Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Court Fines (indirect taxes)
Dog License Tax
Federal Income Tax
Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax
Fuel permit tax
Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)
Hunting License Tax
Inheritance Tax Interest expense (tax on the money)
Inventory tax IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
Liquor Tax
Local Income Tax
Luxury Taxes
Marriage License Tax
Medicare Tax
Property Tax
Real Estate Tax
Septic Permit Tax
Service Charge Taxes
Social Security Tax
Road Usage Taxes (Truckers)
Sales Taxes
Recreational Vehicle Tax
Road Toll Booth Taxes
School Tax
State Income Tax
State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
Telephone federal excise tax
Telephone federal universal service fee tax
Telephone federal, state and
local surcharge taxes
Telephone minimum usage surcharge tax
Telephone recurring and non-recurring charges tax
Telephone state and local tax
Telephone usage charge tax
Toll Bridge Taxes
Toll Tunnel Taxes
Traffic Fines (indirect taxation)
Trailer Registration Tax
Utility Taxes
Vehicle License Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Watercraft Registration Tax
Well Permit Tax
Workers Compensation Tax

"Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago and our nation was the most prosperous in the world, had absolutely no national debt, had the largest middle class in the world and only one parent had to work to support the family."

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Really Awesome Pre-school

Without giving too much private information about where my son attends school over the internet, I wanted to rave about an amazing pre-school.

My son has been attending an amazing school. The waiting list to get into this particular school is 2-3 years!

It is a private school (not funded by the state) and cost $20,000 per school year. Lucky I get a little bit of a discount so I don't have to pay for 100% of the cost.

So why is this school so amazing?

The whole school only has 36 children. Class sizes are about 12 kids and there is a one-to-two or a one-to-three ratio of adult to children. One Autism Specialist, two Autism Aides and three Autism Assistants work in each treatment-room. There is, also, a case manager, a full-time social worker, and a psychiatrist available.

Children are provided with speech therapy, occupational therapy, and/or adaptive physical education. They also have one of the best potty training programs in the country. The treatment methods used include discrete trial, TEACH, relationship interventions, KinderMusik and Greenspan's Floor-time, along with pre-school activities. 

Kal'el has made awesome progress so far. He can spell his name, almost type it on the keyboard (the apostrophe keeps throwing him off) count to 20 and then say random numbers all the way up to 100. He knows his alphabet and is using the potty regularly.  

I called this morning to make sure he was still on the waiting list for next school year.

Sensei Nate (Kal'el's karate teacher) has been working with Kal'el's preschool to help them with fundraising events and will be going into the classrooms to help out with lessons. Nate is a member of the Autism Council of Utah and has special OT training to work with children and adults with Autism, Down Syndrome, and other disorders as well as physical limitations, such as asthma and chronic pain.

We still have a long way to go with helping Kal'el "outgrow" Autism, but this amazing preschool along with karate lessons, musical instrumental lessons, and what I do at home to teach life skills has really helped. 

Restaurant Review Rocky Mountain Drive Inn

Review of Rocky Mountain Drive Inn

My family went here for shakes on family night. The shakes were thick and large, and the customer service was AMAZING.

I didn't notice they accidentally charge me too much, but the man at the counter noticed and was honest enough to refund me the difference. He also gave my three-year-old son some fruit snacks while we waited for our shakes to be made.

The food is a little pricey. We paid about $3.50 for a small shake, but it was an over size small and we all had to put out ice cream in the freezer when we got home and ate it again the next day.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Kick A Thon for Serena

Margaret Turley is an author friend of mine and the founder of Writers Unite to Fight Cancer, an organization that raises community awareness about cancer and holds fundraisers for cancer research and families struggling with cancer.
For more info on Writers Unite to Fight Cancer  see

This February, Margaret’s own daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Now that cancer has hit this wonderful family we want to rally around them and support them in their time of need.

Nate and I decided to combine our specialties, karate and books, to do a Kick-a-Thon/Book Signing for Serena. Everyone who came got a $50 gift card and everyone was invited to participate in kicking with Nate’s Ninjas.

Sensei Nate and Master Perry on KSL news promoting the event.

The Event:

 Auction Items: