Thursday, May 10, 2012

Superman's Mommy

So my kid has superpowers.
I'm not sure how he got his powers--it must have been something in my breast milk.

We've been to seven different doctors in the last year and they all say something different. Kal'el's diagnosis ranges from "He's just a boy" to "Sever Sensory Disorder" and the latest "Autism". 

I still like my breast milk/super power theory, everything else scares me. But I have to admit something is different about my kid.

Kal'el is a Sensory Seeker. Symptoms include:

• Splashing in mud, seeking dirty types of play 
• Dumping toy bins rummaging through them aimlessly
• Chewing on inedible objects or shirt collar
• Rubbing against walls or furniture and bumping into people
• Loves spinning in circles, amusement rides, and is constantly moving
• Fidgets, has difficulty sitting still and takes bold risks
• Frequently wants bear hugs and vigorous playground activities
• Seeks visually stimulating screens, shiny objects, strobe lights, or sunlight – may want to watch endless TV or constantly play video games
• Loves loud noises, TV or music volume, crowds and places with lots of action
Problems sleeping
• Enjoys strong odors, even unattractive ones
• May lick or taste inedible objects and prefers spicy or hot foods
• Frequently attempt to engage in rough play, such as wrestling*

Last year I worked with an Occupational Therapist to help with my son's sleeping problems. Kal'el sleeps through the night now (most nights) 
I know most parents wake up several times during the night to take care of their newborn baby, but CAN YOU IMAGINE going almost three years without a good nights sleep.

He is also a dare-devil. I always said he would make a great inspector because when he first walks into a room he B-lines for the most dangerous thing to impale himself with or jump off of.
Now something about me-- I have PTS which manifest its self in hyper-vigilance. 
What a combination. Very stressful.

Now the amazing stuff:
Kal'el is VERY VERY strong. The therapist says she has never seen a kid so cut. Kal'el has muscles like he's already hit puberty. Kal'el is taking karate right now, but we can't have him in the group classes because he keeps beating up the 7-year-olds and it takes a full grown adult to put him in a hold when he gets out of control.

Kal'el also has enhanced pain resistance. As long as I don't freak out when he falls, runs into, etc. then he wont freak out.

Kal'el is also very ingenuitive. Meaning, he will watch how you put up the guard gate. You can see him figuring it out, coming up with an escape plan. Then when you turn your back he uses his books or blocks to pry up the lever. I will lock the door so he can't get out then the next thing I know he is trying to undo the screws with part of his action figure.

So my kid has super powers. I don't know how Martha Kent raised Superman without the house falling apart every time he sneezed or had a tantrum. Maybe I should get a farm and have Kal'el haul wood or dig holes for fence posts.

Either way I have the responsibility of raising a superhero. I must teach him to control his strength, respect others, use his gifts to work hard, save damsels in distress, and mow the lawn.
I need to teach him to be gentle with animals and people who are smaller (and bigger) than him.
I need to allow him to explore, build with his hands, and not freak out when he wants to ride his bike really really fast or jump off the couch onto a pile of pillows or chew his favorite blanket to bits.... or gets a motorcycle.

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  1. One of my friends has a son with a Sensory Processing Disorder and she highly recommends the book Out-of-Sync Child. Here is the website about the author -

    Hope that helps!