Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I've been talking to Kal'el about potty training for a while now. I'm not pushing anything, but I started noticing signs that he might be ready.

Me: Kal'el do you want to go potty?
Kal'el: No! *runs away*

(the next day)

Me: You are going to love being potty trained. Then you can wear underwear like Superman and Batman. *wondering if that is a good example since I want my kid to wear his underwear under his pants and not over them.*
Kal'el: No! *runs away*

(the next day)

Me: Kal'el if you go potty in the toilet you can have this:

He ran into the bathroom, took off his diaper, pees in the potty, wipes himself with toilet paper, then pushes the step stool up to the sink and washes his hands.

I just finished filling up his new candy dispenser.

Now to teach him to flush.

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  1. One thing that worked with Colton was going to the dollar store and letting him pick out toys and having him earn them. He liked it better when he got to choose the toys to earn.